Urban growth and decline

As our population grows, so does the demand for land, resources and services. Your understanding of urban growth and decline can contribute to sustainable management of this issue.

Aerial view of Pyrmont showing a half built road that will become the Western Distributor. The wider area is leveled brown dirt.

Pyrmont in Sydney - circa early 1980s

Adam.J.W.C | CC BY-SA 3.0


Explore this presentation about processes in urban environments such as urban decay, urban sprawl, urban renewal and urban consolidation.

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Pyrmont in Sydney - 2018

Aerial view of Pyrmont from Google maps so that you can compare the current view to the historical photo from the 1980s.

Your tasks

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Learn about processes in urban areas and check if you can correctly identify features of each.

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Construct a flowchart to show your understanding of decision-making and management in urban areas.

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Become an active citizen and create a podcast proposing individual action on an urban planning issue.