Processes in urban environments

Processes in urban environments

Watch the video 'Urban Case Study: Pyrmont' on the main page. You will hear explanations and see examples of the different processes associated with this issue.

Architectural emphasis in building design

Urban consolidation

Complete the following activity to check your understanding of urban sprawl, urban consolidation and urban decline.

  • Draw up a table with three columns and label the top row with the headings urban sprawl, urban consolidation and urban decline.

  • Read through the following characteristics and write them into the column under the appropriate heading.

    • Smaller dwellings are constructed to fit more people in.
    • Parts of the city become run-down and disused.
    • Satellite cities become established when people move from the inner suburbs to urban fringes.
    • May result in the gentrification of some areas closer to the city.
    • Has potential to cause issues such as overcrowding, noise pollution and traffic congestion.
    • Provides popular sites for property developers.
    • A government policy.
    • Creates demand for extending infrastructure eg: roads, railways.
    • Creates an increase in population density (number of people living in a particular area).
    • Unplanned outward growth of the city.
  • Check your answers by comparing with a friend, rewatching the video or searching the internet.