Active citizenship

Create an short podcast

Imagine you are a long-term resident of Pyrmont and you have a particular interest in one of the following:

  • heritage

  • building a community

  • employment

  • housing and affordability

  • public areas and parks

  • traffic and transport.

Sculpture in Jackson's Landing

Preservation of heritage

Examine the graphics, quotes and information in the appropriate section of Ultimo + Pyrmont: Decade of Renewal. This is a PDF document so you can enlarge the view if you wish.

Compare this information with the current state of Pyrmont. You might like to use the links from the flowchart activity to help you.

Write up a review of the past decade of progress in Pyrmont in terms of your chosen area of interest. Propose a future improvment the council could make.

Record your review and proposal (maximum 5 mins) using software such as Garage Band for Mac or Audacity for PC. Upload your podcast to your class OneNote, Google Classroom page or other LMS.