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The Geometer´s warehouse


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Teacher notes

The Geometer´s warehouse is a web-based, multimedia resource focusing on the geometry outcomes (MA4-17MG, MA4-18MG, MA5.1-11MG, MA5.2-14MG, MA5.3-15MG, MA5.3-16MG and MA5.3-17MG) of the Stage 4 and Stage 5 Mathematics K-10 syllabus (Board of Studies NSW, 2012).

The resource helps address the General capability of Information and communication technology by exploiting the functionality of dynamic geometry software. It comprises 68 dynamic html worksheets, exploring various outcomes in Stage 4 and Stage 5 geometry. The dynamic worksheets are designed to work with any computer with a web browser and are particularly well suited to use with an interactive whiteboard.

The Geometer´s warehouse aims to enrich and supplement students´ learning of concepts in geometry. A unique characteristic of the resource is that when screen figures are dragged, angle and length measurements are updated automatically, allowing students to recognise and explore invariant properties. Student understanding of the geometric properties is guided and assisted by accompanying directions and points for class discussion.

By incorporating these resources into the lesson, teachers can provide opportunities for student learning within the context of the quality teaching framework.

Syllabus links

The resource comprises nine modules:

Unit Syllabus outcomes

Properties of Geometrical Figures


Angle Relationships


Properties of geometrical figures


Properties of Geometrical Figures


Trigonometry and Pythagoras' Theorem


Properties of Geometrical Figures


Circle geometry


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