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Image text: The Eureka Flag was originally flown during the Eureka Rebellion of 1854 on the goldfields of Ballarat. Link to Eureka Stockade at State Library of Victoria. Description: Dark blue background with a cross that has a star at each extremity and one at the cross section of the two axes.

Precious gold

Ever wondered why gold is such a valuable commodity? Find out by discovering some facts about gold and how it is used.

Learn about Australia's Golden History and then read about the biggest gold nuggets found in Australia .

Gold nugget, linked to History Hill website

Inland exploration and expansion

Bathurst or bust

Learn about the history and locations behind the gold heritage of NSW .

The discovery of gold

Image from Australian Screeen clip 'Peache's Gold - Eureka' linked to website

Why were early discoveries kept secret? Read about Edward Hargraves’s quest and see how gold fever spread through Victoria in 1851.

The impact of gold fever

Gold! logo linked to SBS website

See how gold discovery affected Australia’s environment. Discover how Melbourne expanded with the gold rush.

Life on the goldfields

Compare myth and reality of the goldfields. Share hope-filled journeys to the fields, the harsh life and the challenges miners faced. See how women fared, how Chinese miners were treated and the effects of the gold rush on Aboriginal peoples. View miners’ tools and techniques. Read about crime on the goldfields.

See how the actions of the Traps contributed to the unrest and rebellion at the Eureka Stockade in 1854.

A goldfields scene linked to a larger view

View a scene at the goldfields.

For teachers. Links to relevant section of the K-10 History syllabus

Gold rush game logo linket to the game website

Play the National Museum of Australia's game Can you strike it rich during the Gold Rush? You will need to make decisions about the different situations faced by the people who went to strike it rich.

Gold coin