Go Hànyǔ! – Computer games

For teachers

This resource consists of eight videos on two different topics, Computer games and Travelling.

The language used in these videos varies and will cater for students at different levels studying Chinese across Years 7 to 12. Teachers using these videos may need to provide students with support, for example, vocabulary.

The activities for these videos are designed to support the content and vocabulary from the videos. The suggested activities are linked to the topics to cater for students studying Chinese from Years 7 to 12 with proficient language level. Teachers may wish to add other activities as appropriate to cater for their students.

PDF icon Computer games — resources (.pdf 376kB)

PDF icon Computer games — teacher resources (.pdf 311kB)

PDF icon Computer games — transcripts (.pdf 377kB)

PDF icon Travelling — resources (.pdf 333kB)

PDF icon Travelling — teacher resources (.pdf 171kB)

PDF icon Travelling — transcripts (.pdf 407kB)