Knowing and Thinking Level 1

What the experts say

What the experts say

Rick Connor in the Science and Technology Literature Review produced for the Board of Studies, NSW raised many relevant issues.

“The primary school years are crucial in developing pupils’ longer term interest in science. It is crucial, therefore, for primary teachers to not only set in place the knowledge foundations for continued studies in science, but also to engender in students a passion for science and an understanding of its significance in modern society. Good science pedagogy depends on a knowledge of and proficiency in specific teaching strategies for science. It relies on teachers who are broadly and deeply knowledgeable and sufficiently confident in their knowledge to be able to change and innovate.”

— Rick Connor

Doing science investigations based on a theme related to science is an ideal way of combining knowledge, thinking and doing components of science and provides good science pedagogy. It engages and motivates students and leads to deep understanding.