Commemorating Anzac through engaging learning

Geography Stage 3


Pine tree stands over grave stones; a monument is in the background

Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli, 2014

Students investigate Anzac Day events held at local, regional and global scales and the effects of the event on the places and people. Students identify global connections relating to Anzac day events and explain them through a chart or infographic. Students communicate their understandings through a mock media report.

Teaching and learning activities

A row of men in military stand at attention; one soldier stands in front with a sabre held vertically in front.

Anzac Day service at the National War memorial Wellington, New Zealand, 2011

Question: What is the effect of Anzac Day on people and places locally, regionally and globally?

What are Australia’s global connections?


Recall and discuss Anzac Day events held annually at the school and within the local community.

View images and news videos of Anzac Day events held at a regional scale.

Research Anzac Day events held in other countries, for example, New Zealand and Turkey.

Locate the countries on a world map. Explain the significance of the event in the other countries.

List the groups of people affected by Anzac Day events. Identify the effects of Anzac Day events on people and places at the three scales.

Create a chart listing the events that occur on Anzac Day at a local community, regional and global scale and the effects.


Create a Venn diagram showing the similarities and differences of Anzac Day events at the community, regional and global scales.

Create a flowchart or infographic to indicate what Anzac Day events are held in each country and the reasons. Students explain and show visually the global connections relating to the events.


Students create a media report or commentary for an Anzac Day event held at a global scale. They explain the global connections and the effects of the event on the people involved.

Learning concepts

These additional questions can be used for discussion or further investigations.


Are there challenges in holding Anzac Day events? How are they overcome?


How are the needs of Anzac Day event participants and spectators met? How is care and respect shown?


Why are Anzac Day events held at school, community, regional and global scales?


What elements of Anzac Day events are similar across the community, regional and global scales?

Syllabus links

GE3-2 explains interactions and connections between people, places and environments

GE3-4 acquires, processes and communicates geographical information using geographical tools for inquiry

Global connections


  • investigate connections between Australia and other countries of the world, for example: (ACHGK034, ACHGK035)

    –  examination of a significant event and its local, regional and global effect on people and places eg sporting or cultural event