Commemorating Anzac through engaging learning

Music Stage 1


Classroom with students on bended knee at prayer.

Waverley Infants School assembly, a verse of 'Hymn for our Soldiers' is written on the blackboard (The Education Gazette, 1 April 1918)

Students sing patriotic songs from the First World War. They compose and play percussion accompaniments to the songs.

Teaching and learning activities

A sheet with words  of The Sea Is England's Glory and sol-fa letters

The Sea is England's Glory (The School Magazine, Part 1, 1 February 1917)

What patriotic songs were sung during the First World War?

During the First World War schools held daily or weekly assemblies that built pride in Australia’s contribution to the war and to the British Empire.

Learn to sing First World War songs such as Pack Up Your Troubles and The Sea is England’s Glory.

Compose and play percussion accompaniment using traditional or graphic notation for First World War songs.

Arrange patriotic songs into a rap, jazz or pop style.


Pack up your troubles

Australia Answers the Call

World War One music and songs

Songs of war and peace: patriotic and popular

Learning concepts

These additional questions can be used for discussion or further investigations.


How did patriotic songs show that communities cared about soldiers and other service personnel?


Why did school children and communities sing patriotic songs during the First World War?

Syllabus links

MUS1.1 Sings, plays and moves to a range of music, demonstrating an awareness of musical concepts.

MUS1.2 Explores, creates, selects and organises sound in simple structures.

MUS1.4 Responds to a range of music, expressing likes and dislikes and the reasons for these choices.