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Brothers lost

Three young men in uniform, two seated, pose for photographic portrait

Theo, George and William Seabrook

Seabrook brothers, Theo and George, were killed on the same day during the Battle of Menin Road, Ypres, and their younger brother William the following day. They left a grieving family, including another younger brother. Read the story of the Seabrook brothers.

Three Hunter brothers were also killed, two of them on 27th August 1915. Frederick (age 26) and Maurice (age 22) were both killed at Gallipoli serving with the 18th Battalion. It was their first battle, having landed only five days prior. Their younger brother William was just twenty one when he lost his life on the Western Front at Pozières with the 45th Battalion almost exactly one year later.

Boddington brothers, Frederick and George were both killed at Bullecourt, France. Frederick was killed in action on 11 April 1917 at the first Battle of Bullecourt, while George died of wounds sustained at the second Battle of Bullecourt on 12 May 1917. There were 3000 Australian casualties in the first battle and 7000 in the second. View the image gallery on the main page. Read more at the Powerhouse Museum