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This session provides an opportunity for the school to build stronger links with parents and carers.

By the end of this session you should have:

  • encouraged a sense of belonging for parents and carers within the school community

  • provided important information for parents and carers about high school.

Preparation and resources

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For this session, you will need to prepare the following:

  • invitations to the school executive and relevant staff – Principal, Head Teacher Welfare, School Counsellor, EAL/D teachers, Community Liaison Officer (CLO)

  • catering

  • a venue for a two hour session

  • interpreters (up to two weeks in advance if possible) – Help in organising interpreters

  • letters of invitation or ask SLSOs/CLOs to phone parents and carers to invite them

  • a school tour for parents and carers

  • the Welcome to parents and carers presentation (you will need to modify it by adding photographs and information from your school)

  • any materials or samples that you want to show parents and carers as part of the presentation

  • copies of the school’s map for each visitor

  • copies of Important school information for each visitor (you will need to modify this with information about your school).


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Suggested activities for this session:

Welcome the parents and carers. In small groups, ask them to tell the group their own name and to say the name, and school year, of their child. Interpreters may need to assist with this.

Explain that in NSW schools, parents and carers are encouraged to work in partnership with schools.

Discuss whether this is different to their experiences with schools in other countries.

Explain that building stronger relationships between school, parents/carers and the wider community leads to happier school communities and better outcomes for students.

Using your modified version of the Welcome to parents and carers presentation, conduct the information session for the parents and carers attending the morning tea. This presentation covers the topics listed below and includes images and photos. You may wish to adapt this presentation to make it relevant for your school.

Topics include

  • The education system in NSW

  • Student attendance

  • How to help with homework

  • Student welfare

  • Additional support provided

Give everyone a copy of the Important school information. (This document will need to be modified before the session with relevant information about your school.)

It is important to provide an opportunity for parents and carers to clarify their understanding and ask questions about the information and ideas presented.

Inform parents and carers that the students will be leading them on a tour of the school. Tell them where they will be going and why. Give everyone a copy of the school’s map for future reference.

Inform parents and carers of the dates for parent-teacher interviews and other relevant calendar items. Tell them that interpreters can be made available if they let the school know they will be attending.

If it appears that the group would like to continue to meet, invite them to come back again for further parent sessions. A list of topics is provided below, suggesting topics for future meetings or parent programs and activities.

Possible topics could include

  • Supporting students with their studies at home and at school

  • Student assessment, reports, parent-teacher meetings

  • Uniforms, books, school fees

  • Subjects offered at secondary school

  • Educational pathways

  • Student welfare and learning support

  • What to do when there is a problem with your child

  • Communication between parents and the school

  • Value of camps and excursions

  • Raising teenagers in Australia, family relationships

  • Bullying and racism

  • Health and nutrition


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Thank parents and carers for attending.

Invite them to come back and speak to staff later if they have any questions or concerns. Explain the process of making an appointment.

Additional information

For more information, visit the NSW Department of Education’s The Welcome Program website.