How will my students get there?

How will my students get there?

Your students will ‘get there’ through your planning of quality learning experiences to achieve your teaching focus i.e. What you want your students to learn.

A unit of learning:

  • is a detailed plan for teaching and assessing student learning

  • includes the syllabus outcomes being addressed, planned teaching and learning experiences and assessment strategies

  • may include suggested resources

  • differentiates learning in ways that are responsive to students’ needs. While units may be planned collaboratively and shared, teachers will need to differentiate learning to cater for particular students.

Once you have your scope and sequence and know what outcomes you want to address, it is time to begin writing teaching and learning sequences.

Your unit of learning will include details about:

  • time frame

  • teaching and learning strategies and activities

  • resources and assessment

  • variations from the planned teaching program

  • registration and evaluation

  • differentiation

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Units of work that support the implementation of new syllabuses can be found on the resources page of the NSW syllabuses for the Australian Curriculum website which is accessible through the DEC Portal.

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