Syllabus links

Syllabus links

By completing the activities and tasks in this resource, students are working towards achieving outcomes for the English 7-10 syllabus.


Students learn about: the ways sustained texts use elements such as evidence, argument, narrative, dialogue and climax


Students learn about: the use of variations within conventions of particular genres, including forms of poetry, fiction and film and how these variations address the composer’s purpose


Students learn to: respond to and compose increasingly complex texts in different technologies considering the effects of the technology, including layout and design,on meaning


Students learn to: choose learning processes, resources and technologies appropriate for particular tasks and situations

In this resource, students have the opportunity to:

  • synthesise ideas to clarify meanings

  • use a variety of models and scaffold to compose texts

  • examine relationships between structure, language and text

  • use ICT to produce a narrative text.

Extract from English 7-10 syllabus, 2003, © Board of Studies, NSW.