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Beliefs, values and practices of the Aryans druing the Vedic period

Raja Drupada begs Shiva to grant him a boon

Read about Rudra, a Vedic god, thought by some to be identified with Shiva in later Hinduism.

Read about how the Soma plant was used to heighten spiritual awareness.

Explore complex ceremonies and rituals such as the Asvamedha or Horse ritual, the Vajapeya and the Rajasuya. Examine the Asvamedha ritual in detail.

The Brahmanas are commentaries on the Vedas and detail the proper performance of rituals. The Brahman, or priest varna became very important during this period.

Investigate early Hinduism and explore the early Hindu Gods.

Read about funeral rites described in the Vedas.

Examine the philosophies of early Hinduism which became established in the late Vedic period.