What is used now?


Explore the slide show of objects from the present. Look at the images, read the descriptions and discuss.


Notebook with spiral binding along left hand edge

This notebook has a bright, pink plastic cover. A spiral of metal, a bit like a spring, threads through the holes punched along the edge of the cover and the pages to hold them all together.

Felt-tip pens

Group of plastic felt-tip pens in a variety of colours.

Here is a group of felt-tip pens in bright colours. The lid of each pen shows you its colour. These pens can be used for drawing and colouring. The pens on top have special tips for making different patterns with straight or squiggly lines.


An iPad tablet device with screen showing icons for different functions and apps

An iPad tablet is a rectangle shape with a screen for viewing and reading e-books, playing games and, doing learning activities. It has a touch screen. When it's turned on you can see some icons, which are little pictures sometimes with words. You tap them with your finger and they open ready to use.


A wooden puzzle of a butterfly with 2 yellow pieces for the body and a blue, red and purple piece for each wing.

This is a wooden jigsaw puzzle of a butterfly. It has 8 pieces and each has a round knob to hold when you make the puzzle or take it apart. The frame around the butterfly is plain wood and the butterfly has a yellow body with blue, red and purple wings.

Interactive whiteboard

An interactive whiteboard with a speaker on each side. A shelf below the board has a black, red, green and blue marker pen with a whiteboard eraser.

This interactive whiteboard is on a wall and has a large screen for showing learning activities in classrooms. Teachers and students use touch to move text and pictures around the board. The shelf under the board has special coloured markers. On either side of the board are speakers for sound.

Teacher questions

Teachers could ask the following questions during this activity.