Old or new?


Decide whether each object belongs to the present or to the past. Drag it into the correct box.

  • Group of plastic felt-tip pens in a variety of colours
  • A black and green backpack with an image of Ben 10 on the side
  • A pencil case made from brightly coloured zippers
  • An interactive whiteboard with a speaker on each side. A shelf below the board has a black, red, green and blue marker pen with a whiteboard eraser.
  • A wooden record player with an open lid and a record on the turntable
  • A map of the world with coloured lines showing routes of famous explorers
  • A blue jellylike substance in a silver dish
  • An abacus with a wooden frame and coloured beads



Keyboard instructions

  • Use the Tab to move to the image you want to select.
  • Use the Spacebar to select the image.
  • Use the Up and Down arrow keys to select Old or New in the menu.
  • Press Enter to move the image into the target box.