Thank you to the staff of the NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education for permission to film enactments of school in the past and for access to their resources.

Thank you also to the North Ryde Public School community for their help with the filming.

Present and Past Family Life

Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Historical Skills

Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

General capabilities, Literacy, Numeracy, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability, Critical and creative thinking, Personal and social capability, Intercultural understanding, Ethical behaviour

Based on Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)

Australian Curriculum Year 1 Achievement Standard

Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA)


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Getting around

Balloon ready for ascension © Corbis; women riding tandem bicycle on beach © Underwood & Underwood/Corbis; S.S. Imperator ocean liner, 1912, George Grantham Bain Collection, Library of Congress; Primary Wall screen shot © Primary Technology; first bicycle with pneumatic tyres, Science Photo Library; William Martin riding penny farthing, Library of Congress/Science Photo Library; a white campervan with a sleeping area above the driver's cabin, a blue and white river cat berthed beside a wharf, a large white cruise ship with a blue stripe berthed at the overseas terminal Sydney with the Harbour Bridge in the background, a red and white fire engine carrying ladders on its roof, a silver electric train with yellow doors, a blue and white helicopter with three blades flying in a clear blue sky, a horse and cart, a red and silver jet with two engines, a large red jet boat moving on the water with 14 people inside, a ferry with a green hull and a cream body and many people on board at Circular Quay, a small red hatchback car with chrome wheels, a shiny red and silver motorbike, seaplane, an old white steam ship with a red and black funnel and black smoke pouring out of the funnel, a moving white taxi with tall buildings in the background, two carriages of a silver electric train on tracks rounding a bend, a yellow water taxi travelling on a river, a vintage yellow sideless truck with a barrel on the tray © State of NSW, Department of Education; tram No. 279 the Henley Express B 69713, trolley bus in Adelaide B 12885, State Library of South Australia; Ford touring car with passengers, photograph by Lindsay J Cumming; Laconia Blankets delivery truck, published by Commercial Photographic Co; plane in paddock at Shepparton, Royal Australian Airforce, Wacketts & Tigers planes, Argus Newspaper Collection of Photographs, State Library of Victoria; Wordle word cloud from

At home

Hills hoist © State of NSW, Department of Education.

Toys and games

A computer game showing a board with six rows, each with seven holes, red and blue counters are present in 19 holes © Maths is Fun/Rod Pierce; two boys in box billycarts on a dirt road, Museum Victoria; tree house © State of NSW, Department of Education; Toondoo cartoon © 2012 Jambav, Inc.


Four adults with a baby wearing a christening gown, a mum, dad and child celebrating a birthday with a cake, a young boy playing with a Nintendo, three children in a park having a picnic, a large family sitting outside around a table having Christmas lunch, a group of five adults standing in the street, a woman is nursing a baby while a man is holding a toddler, a family of two adults and three children standing in the lounge room for a photograph, a mother smiling holding two young girls, a mum and dad celebrating a toddler's birthday with an Elmo cake, a young girl in a hospital bed holding a newborn baby, a bride and groom with a page boy and flower girl © Maree Camilleri; a newborn baby wearing hospital gown, a toddler laughing, a toddler playing with toys, a young girl with her parents, a girl dancing, a girl on boat, a girl wearing straw hat © Juliet De Silva; a smiling baby sitting on a blanket, a girl decorating a Christmas tree in 1957, a class photo of West Wyalong Kindergarten in 1958, detail of class photo of West Wyalong Kindergarten in 1958, a girl in costume, a teenager, dressed in her Girl Guide uniform standing with her parents for a photograph, a woman posing in a formal gown © Ann Rattey; a bride and groom leaving church and being showered with confetti, a family portrait taken in 1913 showing two adults and a young child sitting and two older children standing, two girls on tricycles and a boy in a pedal car with their dog, playing in the backyard, an elderly man and a younger man holding a toddler © Jo Woodrow; Teachnology timeline ©1999 - 2012 Teachnology, Inc.; Timetoast timeline © 2012 timetoast,